Welcome to Greebo


What is Greebo?

Greebo is an ant task for managing non-source files that a project requires. It is current achievement is the management and transfer of jar files that a project uses, in a maven-like fashion. Currently, it can use maven's project.xml and maven-like repositories. It is also possible to use a flat (i.e. all files in the same directory) repository with Greebo. In the future, we are planning to abstract Greebo from maven-based stuff, and separate its core from Ant and make a library of its own that could be used in any type of build environment.

Greebo Goes Live on SourceForge.Net

After some laziness on my part, Greebo finally moves to its new home at Sourceforge. You can learn more about the project, access to sources, and join the mailing lists at Greebo project page @

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